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As heavy-duty and material handling experts for over 65 years, Albion’s proven mobility solutions are capable of the most challenging applications. From the largest offering of industrial casters and wheels, to cutting-edge custom designs–Albion’s experience and technology ensure that every solutions meets the performance requirements unique to each customer’s needs.

Colson Catalog
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Designed, tested, and proven – for over 125 years. Since 1885, Colson’s quality lines of industrial and institutional casters have defined the industry. Leading warranties and continuous innovations, including the unrivaled Performa wheel, have established Colson as one of the most trusted caster brands in the world today.

Shepherd Catalog
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As a leading designer of light-duty and low-profile casters, Shepherd has pioneered innovations that have revolutionized industries. With single and twin-wheel casters customizable for performance, aesthetics, or cost, Shepherd’s continued focus on design and quality is what sets a Shepherd caster apart from the competition.

MedCaster Catalog
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Cleaner, Quieter, Smoother, and Easier to Roll – that is what defines the MedCaster product line. Developing products with both patient and operator satisfaction in mind, MedCaster remains focused on delivering quality mobility solutions for every medical application.

“If it moves in a hospital, we move it.“