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Albion Full Line Catalog

Albion Full-Line Catalog

Albion full-line catalog. Casters for heavy duty manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, material handling, and more.

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Albion Aviation Casters

Albion Aviation & Air Cargo

Recommended Albion casters for Aviation and Air Cargo industry needs. Includes Kingpinless, Spring-Loaded, and Dual Wheel casters with individual capacities up to 30,000 pounds.

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Albion Automotive Casters

Albion Automotive Manufacturing & Material Handling

Recommended Albion casters for Automotive Manufacturing and Material Handling industry needs. Includes Maintenance-Free, Kingpinless, Spring-Loaded, and Dual Wheel casters with individual capacities up to 12,000 pounds. Additionally, find recommendations of ergonomic caster wheels.

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Albion 310 & 410 Kingpinless Casters

Albion 310 & 410 Series Kinpinless Casters

Introduction to the Albion 310 and 410 family of laser-cut Kingpinless casters. Albion 310 and 410 Series offer 2.5-inch and 3-inch wide casters, with capacity support up to 5,400 pounds. Laser-cut and assembled in the US for quick production and delivery.

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Albion 370 & 470 Kingpinless Casters

Empire 370 & 470 Series Kinpinless Casters

Introduction to Empire 370 and 470 economical 3-inch wide kingpinless casters. Kingpinless casters eliminate kingpin failure, the leading cause of caster failure. This flyer provides a series overview, along with component part numbers to allow quick custom caster configuration.

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Colson Full Line Catalog

Colson Full-Line Catalog

Colson full-line catalog. Casters for material handling and institutional needs. Featuring industry-preferred Performa rubber wheel.

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Colson 2 Series

Colson 2 Series Quick-Pick

Quick-Pick guide to the Colson 2 Series. Replacement casters are as easy as 1, 2, 3-year warranty! Colson 2 Series are 1.25-inch wide institutional casters with numerous wheel, brake, and fastening options. This flyer is an overview of the series. Additional wheels are available.

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Colson Encore 4 Series

Colson Encore 4 Series

Overview of Colson Encore 4 Series Stainless Steel casters. Encore is Colson's economical line of casters - budget friendly caster options with a 1 year warranty.

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MedCaster Full Line Caster

MedCaster Full-Line Catalog

Smooth, Quiet, Clean. MedCaster full-line catalog. Casters for medical uses, including hospital furniture, equipment, and central locking systems.

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MedCaster Diagnostic Casters

Shock-Absorbing Diagnostic Imaging Casters

First introduced at MEDICA2018 (Germany), MedCaster's newest casters offer a smooth, quiet ride. RoHS compliant and tested to meet global standards, these shock-absorbing casters integrate perfectly with system-lock equipment.

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MedCaster Avant Nylon Casters

Avant Nylon Casters

First introduced at MEDICA2017 (Germany), the MedCaster Avant casters are maintenance-free nylon casters perfect for quiet mobility. Available in numerous wheel diameters, and configurable with many fastening options, Avant are ideal for medical equipment.

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Pemco E-Line Brochure

Pemco E-Line Brochure

Explore Pemco E-Line Brochure. E-Line is an economical 2" caster solution, allowing for customization to your specific needs. 5 brake options (plus rigid brakes!), 9 wheels, 4 bearings, numerous combinations.

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Pemco Pneumatic Casters

Pemco Pnuline Pneumatic Casters

Introducing Pemco Pnuline - Economical Pneumatic Casters. Budget-friendly pneumatic casters available in 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch diameters. Swivel, Rigid, and Brake options available.

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Pemco Nylon Casters

Pemco NylaKat and Snow-Guards

New Shopping Cart Products. Pemco NylaKat Nylon Shopping Cart Casters resist rust and provide quieter cart operation. Pemco Snow-Guards are full-wheel thread guards specially designed to reduce water and snow intrusion, ultimately providing a drier and cleaner shopping experience.

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